From Indonesia to Vietnam to China, our program this week focuses on the lives of children – all of whom have had significant challenges in one way or another. 

First to Indonesia, where millions of children are ‘lost’ to the system because their parents didn’t register them at birth. That means no free access to public services like school and healthcare. The government is aware of the problem, but trying to make things easier isn’t so simple. Many parents don’t know how to wade through the details of the system or don’t know what services are available to help them figure it out.

The U.S. presence in Vietnam is not just a piece of history, it has left a legacy that is literally seen in many people today. In this story, we look at how the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam has carried down physical defects and deformities from generation to generation. This story is not easy to watch, but it’s important to see. 

Our third story is about children who are ‘left behind’ because one or both of their parents is in prison and there is no one else to care for them. A former prison worker saw how this affected parents behind bars, so she decided to help the children of prisoners by providing them with a home. In northeastern Beijing, this home is called Sun Village, where kids have clothing, food and access to schools. But they’re also learning a valuable skill - how to work in a garden. 

We hope you enjoy the show! (Click HERE to view)