In today’s globalized world, not everyone’s identity is as easily defined as it may have been in the past. With more people moving around from one country to another, the ethnic, linguistic and cultural lines are becoming more diverse.

The two men in our first story, a musical duo of brothers called Soler, are a perfect example. Their mother and father are from two vastly different cultures, so these young men are defining themselves through their music, and over the years the music itself has taken on multiple identities. Barnaby Lo profiles this interesting pair and explains how they evolved over the years.

Then we have a fantastic story about how one woman who turned a difficult childhood into a sort of super-hero character in her career. As a professional female wrester, Japanese icon Aja Kong comes out winning – literally.

Finally, we have a touching story about a blind woman who was raised on tough love and let nothing get in the way of living like everyone else. Her story is an inspiration for anyone who faces a challenge in life, including a physical disability.

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