The theme for this week’s program is ‘fighters’. All three stories feature people who persevere in the face of adversity. First is an inspiring story from Lebanon, whose conflicted history is reflected today by the extraordinary number of unexploded bombs and mines that are still buried underground. Natalie Carney follows the people tasked with clearing the land, and also meets some wonderful characters who haven’t let amputations (as a result of explosives accidents) get in the way of their love of football. Our next story is about the courageous individuals who are fighting to eradicate polio in Afghanistan, where polio is rampant. It’s a tough task and many workers have sacrificed their lives to do their job, when political conflicts have put them in the crosshairs, as Maeva Bambuck reports. Finally, we have the story of a woman in India who suffered a terrible acid attack. But rather than hide herself away, she has become vocal in the fight against her attackers and others who have committed similar crimes. As Karishma Vyas reports, it takes a tremendous amount of courage to stand up and fight those whose aim is to maim and disfigure. 


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