Each story in this episode of Assignment Asia is emotionally gripping. First we meet a man who has been granted special access to one of the most dangerous zones in Karachi, Pakistan to clean up the mess left behind by violence. One important part of his job is to try to keep his emotions out of it – but every day he’s on call there is a new tragedy to clean up after. This is the story of a very brave man.

Then we go to Afghanistan, where we meet the midwives who are helping women when it comes to maternal health, from family planning to childbirth. Without the help of a midwife, many Afghan women are isolated during their pregnancy and even in childbirth. These midwives often go great distances to bring care to the women, and in a small way it’s also given women a new voice.

And finally, dealing with a death in the family can be awful, and even worse when it’s your child. We have the story of a woman in Indonesia who is turning the tragic loss of her daughter into hope for others with disabilities. This is an inspiring tale that shows how getting outside yourself can bring about the best kind of healing.

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